Selling a large complex, warehouse or office building? I can create a gallery of 360 Degree interactive images. These images are shot in 4K with a 135 megapixel camera to provide gold-standard detail.  High resolution images can be created from any 360 view.  These images can be shared on social media as well as embedded in any website or blog.  With 360 images, there’s no need to waste valuable time with onsite inspections.    Your quote will include up to 6 months of image hosting, image fine-tuning and links for embedding these images on your website or on social media.   These images can also be password protected if needed. 

Additionally, the images can have embedded annotations.   Annotations are a powerful feature that lets you to mark specific points on your 360 with text, pictures, and attachments and then view, share, or export them while persisting the annotation in place. 

This enables rapid communication using the full 360-degree context to anyone as long as they have an internet connection. 


  • Attachment support: You can attach images (JPG, PNG) and documents (e.g. PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel) to annotations. 
  • URL support: Any URL entered into the text body will turn into a link for viewers.
  • Works with Embeds/Shares: All annotations you place on a 360 show up (read-only) when you share the link or create an embed. 
  • Works with Collections (and Collection Embeds): Add multiple annotated 360s to a Collection and link/embed the same way you have been.
  • Export: You can export all annotations as a separate file (CSV, HTML)

Perfect for industrial complexes, apartment buildings and complexes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and much more!

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