Private Lessons & Mentoring

I offer a 6 month photographic mentoring program that will guide you towards building your photographic skills and fine-tuning your vision. The program consists of 8 sessions over 6 months by Skype or telephone. Each session is approximately 3 weeks apart during which you will work on photographic assignments based on your needs, vision and aspirations. The day before each session, you’ll provide your images related to the assignment (an any other images you’d like to discuss). We will review and critique your work from the previous session as well as discuss any challenges and opportunities that come up. The cost is $550.00 for the 6-month program. Included is the 8 sessions plus limited email access for questions between sessions.

I am available for private photography & Adobe Lightroom lessons as well as one-on-one in-the-field shoots. Also, individual post-production and Lightroom coaching available through screen sharing or live webinar tools including assistance with initial Lightroom setup on your computer. Call (425) 891-7079 or email me for more information.  $75/hour.

Adobe Lightroom Rescue
Is your Adobe Lightroom catalog a mess?  Did you do something you can’t undo?  Contact me for Lighroom Rescue sessions.   I’ll either work with you remotely, in person or take in your computer to fix and optimize your Adobe Lightroom catalog.  $75/hour.

Workshops & Classes



06/02/2020:  Black and White Photography (Bellevue College)

06/12/2020:  Photograph The Palouse with Alan Lawrence & David Julian

10/27/2020:  Photograph The Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach (Photographic Workshop Adventures)

09/11/2020:  Photograph Banff & Lake Louise (Photographic Workshop Adventure

09/26/2020:  Photograph Arizona (Photographic Workshop Adventures)

10/29/2020:  Photograph Day of the Dead, Oaxaca Mexico (Photographic Workshop Adventures)

09/10/2021:  Photograph Banff & Lake Louise (Photographic Workshop Adventures)

09/25/2021:  Photograph Arizona (Photographic Workshop Adventures)

10/29/2021:  Photograph Day of the Dead, Oaxaca Mexico (Photographic Workshop Adventures)


Course & Workshop Descriptions

Digital Photography I
Get the photos you want by learning features and controls of your digital camera. Add an introduction to composition and light and you’ve got a magical art form. This course is divided into two units: digital camera operation and photographic fundamentals. Weekly assignments integrated with class discussions give a solid foundation in digital photography. Topics include: exposure modes, aperture, shutter speed, flash, histograms and exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera overrides. Bring your camera and instruction manual.

An Introduction to Photo Editing Using Adobe Lightroom
Organizing, Editing and Printing Photos: This introductory class is for digital photographers of all skill levels who wish to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a program designed specifically to manage photo collections as well as to develop and enhance photographs for print and production. You will learn how to import and organize your photos into an easily manageable library, enhance and develop your images, and export, email or print the final results. Open to photographers of all skill levels with all types of cameras. 

Photography Lighting I
You know that photography is “writing with light”. This class will give you a solid understanding and practice with how to leverage and shape light to enable you to bring out the best of your subject and to elevate your photography beyond capturing the light to artistically “writing with light”. Learn the facts and qualities of light and their effects on your images by observing, measuring, modifying, and shaping light. Practice controlling light ratios, contrasts, and compositions with available light, on-camera flash, accessory speedlights, and continuous lighting. Experience the excitement of taking creative control of the light into your hands to beautifully showcase a variety of subjects.

Street Photography Workshop
Street Photography is the art of capturing the moment of everyday life on the street while making the subject as compelling as possible. In this fun workshop, we will discuss the basic aspects of street photography, optimal camera settings, composition and legal topics. Saturday session will be in the field and Tuesday will be an opportunity to share results in class for instructor and peer critique. Bring any type of cameras. All levels of photographer are welcome.  4 Sessions, 2 in the field and 2 in the classroom.

Black and White Photography Workshop
There is an art to creating an inspiring and intriguing black and white image that goes beyond removing the color. In this class, discuss the components that make up a B&W image, how to previsualize your photograph and how to convert your shot in post-processing using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Silver EFX Pro. Visit our website for more information.

Introduction to HDR Photography
Photographers have always struggled to capture the full range of light in a scene when your camera is only capable of recording a fraction of what our eyes saw. High Dynamic Range Photography, or HDR, allows us to turn a mundane or not-so mundane scene and render it into a realistic, and at times, surrealistic image. You will learn the technique of HDR, how to pre-visualize the final image using Photoshop and process the image in the digital darkroom. Class includes classroom as well as in the field instruction. Bring tripod to Saturday fieldtrip. Meets for 2 Sessions, 1 in the field and 1 in the computer lab.

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